Where are you located?

Shrewsbury, NJ

What are your rates?

Each 4-hour session is $45.00.  Cash, check and credit cards are accepted. Payment is expected on or before playcare day.

What is the age range?

We welcome children ages 1 year – 4 years old.

How many children do you allow?

We maintain a 1 adult/5 children ratio.

How much notification is required for drop-off?

We do prefer 24-hour notice as our lessons and routine require preparation.  However if that is not possible, you may text or call 732-673-7348 the morning of, and if space is available we will welcome your child.

What should my child bring to play care?

Each child should have a change of clothes, a pair of socks (shoes are not permitted in the playcare space, a snack and a drink packed in a box or bag with their name on it. Diapers (if necessary).  Most days, weather permitting we will go outside to play, so please send appropriate outdoor attire.

Are there animals in the house?

There are two dogs that reside in the home, but do not enter the playcare space at any time.

What is the cancellation policy?

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy.  This allows us to determine if we have available space for other children and or need to call an assistant teacher.  We are moms and we understand that life doesn’t always go as planned.  There will be a one time every six months when no payment will be required for last minute cancellations.  After that, you will be expected to pay the full playcare session rate.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes! Contact us with requests of that nature.

About us

Welcome to Little Peas of Mind. In addition to the role of mom, we are two certified teachers with a passion for children and education.

We are an educational play care service seeking to nurture young minds and create a safe and inviting space for children to inquire, learn & grow. We strive to offer the kind of care we desire for our own children.


"Little Peas has just been great for my little Zeke. He has so much fun, eats a great snack, and loves Rachel and Rayna. Thanks Little Peas! Where would I be without you?"

- stressed out stay-at-home Dad!

"My son just loves going to Little Peas. He is always sad to leave. I am always so thankful to have something like this available!"

- grateful big pea (parent!)